Press Releases NürnbergMesse

Nuremberg moves closer to Istanbul hub
On 1 January 2015, Turkish Airlines will become the “Preferred Carrier” – or favoured airline partner – of NürnbergMesse. Exhibitors and trade visitors in particular are set to benefit from the collaboration between these two globally oriented companies. For the CEOs of NürnbergMesse, Dr. Roland Fleck and Peter Ottmann, this agreement is at the same time an important building block for improving access to Nuremberg as a trade fair destination. “Turkish Airlines is a genuine heavyweight in the global airline industry. The partnership we have now entered into is an important step and means better connections to international destinations via Istanbul for Nuremberg as a trade fair venue.” Dr. Osman Nuri Hasirci, Managing Director of Turkish Airlines in Northern Bavaria, holds a similar viewpoint: “For business travellers in particular, Turkish Airlines offers an attractive range of international flights. The contract signed today brings Nuremberg closer to important destinations, for example in Asia.”
November 2014
NürnbergMesse globally present
It’s mainly the international exhibitors and visitors who make a trade fair into a world-leading event. Attracting and supporting participants from all over the world is the task of the NürnbergMesse Group’s over 50 worldwide representatives. Together with the five subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Italy, India and the USA, they now cover over 100 countries throughout the world for the Franconian exhibition company. Like the Delegate of German Industry and Commerce(AHK) in Vietnam, which is coordinating the networking for NürnbergMesse as part of the 14th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business (APC) in Ho Chi Minh City. “Our representatives abroad are key partners, some of whom have cooperated closely with us for many years. They are an important interface with foreign visitors and exhibitors in order to achieve a large international involvement at events in Nürnberg,” say Dr. Roland Fleck and Peter Ottmann, CEOs of the NürnbergMesse Group. Depending on the country, a visit to an international exhibition has its challenges.
November 2014
NürnbergMesse Italia “molto bene” for five years
“L’Italia è la numero uno!” has been the case at NürnbergMesse for many years. This leading position has even been improved on by the founding of NürnbergMesse Italia. Some 1,500 exhibitors and over 16,000 trade visitors from Italy meanwhile take part in the international trade fairs in Nürnberg – every year. Compared with ten years ago this is an increase of 30 per cent for exhibitors and 60 per cent for visitors. This means Italy is the country with the most foreign exhibitors in Nürnberg. “Italy is a tremendously important market for NürnbergMesse – the most important in Europe apart from the German market. It is therefore decisive for us to have our subsidiary here in Italy,” say the CEOs of the NürnbergMesse Group, Peter Ottmann and Dr. Roland Fleck, on the occasion of the five-year celebration in Milan.
Accolade for energy management to ISO
NürnbergMesse is the first exhibition company to be certified to ISO 50001. For Dr. Roland Fleck and Peter Ottmann, CEOs of NürnbergMesse, this is another major step on the way to the company achieving its set energy targets: “We have set ourselves a really high standard with the energy campaign. After DGNB certification and the introduction of electromobility, the fact that our energy management system has now been certified to ISO 50001 as the first ever for an exhibition company is a veritable accolade!” The basis for the certification is an in-house energy management system previously implemented by a separate “energy team”.
Exhibition world meets in Columbia
Premiere in Bogota: The first representative of NürnbergMesse in Columbia commences work. In the run-up to the UFI Congress in Bogota, Dr. Roland Fleck, CEO of NürnbergMesse, emphasized the great importance of the cooperation between the Andes and Franconia: “We wish our new representative lots of success in developing the presence of Columbian companies at worldwide events organized by NürnbergMesse.” The annual congress of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, which is also attended by NürnbergMesse, takes place in the Columbian capital at the same time.
NürnbergMesse supports e-mobility
NürnbergMesse starts the next phase of its energy campaign and is now devoting increasing attention to “electromobility”. This will give exhibitors and visitors the possibility of charging their electric cars at charging stations in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in future. NürnbergMesse itself is also going e-mobile and now uses the new BMW i3, a real high-tech miracle. So NürnbergMesse CEOs, Dr. Roland Fleck and Peter Ottmann, are sure: “So far our customers know we can organize top-class events on e-mobility – in Nürnberg just as much as recently in Shenyang through our Chinese subsidiary. Now we want to develop electromobility more strongly in the company itself. We have given the starting signal for this today!”