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Craft beers have enjoyed increasing popularity among consumers over the past few years. Their main characteristic? They’re hand-crafted from high-quality ingredients, and may include some rather unconventional flavours. At last November’s BrauBeviale trade show, visitors could experience the diversity of these beers for themselves at the “craft beer corner”, where over 160 national and international beers were available for sampling. “Back to the roots” was the motto for these beers – back to the high art of craft brewing.

“Craft drinks”: Juices, lemonades, smoothies and fizzy drinks just like mummy used to make.

Is something similar now underway in soft drinks? Are craft drinks – juices, lemonades, smoothies and fizzy drinks just like mummy used to make – a new trend in the beverage market? It’s already been clear for some time that customers have begun setting a higher priority on organic ingredients and a wide range of flavours in soft drinks. The triumph of Bionade, Fritz Kola et al. in German cafés, pubs and private homes is proving that. As is the success story of Proviant Fruchtmanufaktur, founded seven years ago in a back yard in Berlin. Three school friends from Erlangen – Paul Löhndorf,

Craft drinks NürnbergMesse

Photo: NürnbergMesse

Jan Pilhofer and Tom Wrobel – began mixing up smoothies, lemonades and fizzy drinks themselves, using fresh organic fruit. They bottled their product by hand and finished the product by pasting on a specially designed label with a retro look. They drove their “Thirstmobile” to street parties, rapidly selling out their homemade beverages to an enthusiastic public. Today, 30 people work at Proviant Fruchtmanufaktur. Their main clients are the owners of organic food shops and restaurateurs, but they’re now also selling beyond Berlin’s city limits, and even outside Germany. Wholesalers have also been knocking on the door. But according to managing director Löhndorf, the company plan to keep their focus on the restaurant and organic food scene. Including in future. To find out what more is going on in the beverages market – what high-quality materials and high-performance technologies there are, and much more – come visit the next BrauBeviale, the capital investment goods exhibition for the beverages industry, 8-10 November 2016, in Nuremberg.


Craft drinks NürnbergMesse

Photo: NürnbergMesse

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