EUROGUSS 2018: Die casting can be found in many everyday objects


Whether it’s cleats for football shoes, parts of a garden chainsaw, the housing of a stylish coffee capsule machine, or the gilded cloverleaf of a good-luck charm beloved by collectors – die-cast products can be found in many everyday objects, as was evident at the EUROGUSS 2018 trade fair in Nuremberg in January. The lion’s share of the 700,000 tons of die-casting production in Germany, however, is for vehicle manufacture in the form of components, such as engine blocks or transmission housings, as well as structural components, such as door frames, tailgates, and the car body; the Association of German Die-casting Foundries (Verband Deutscher Druckgiessereien) estimates that this accounts for approximately 80 percent of production.

At EUROGUSS 2018, a total of 641 exhibitors from 33 countries presented innovative solutions for the production and use of die-cast parts made of the light metals aluminium, magnesium, and zinc. More than 15,000 trade visitors gathered information at the exhibition booths.

Be sure to have a look at some impressions from EUROGUSS 2018.


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