For man’s best friend and his master

“Your own dog isn't noisy – it just barks.” Dog lovers would no doubt agree with these words from Kurt Tucholsky, the famous German writer and journalist.  /// by 

Photo: NürnbergMesse

And the more than 18,600 visitors to the 44th round of pedigree dog exhibition CACIB are not in the least bothered by the cacophony emanating from the various Afghan hounds, pugs, Dalmations and Poodles. These dog enthusiasts have flocked to Nuremberg from all over Germany and the rest of Europe on this second weekend in January to see which of the more than 3,500 pure-bred dogs will be crowned “international beauty champion” or to watch besotted pet parents and their four-legged friends cut some cool moves on the dance floor in the dog dancing competition. For dog lovers, the CACIB is the ultimate pet paradise.

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