Perimeter protection in the spotlight

Hall 12 was a high-security area for three days /// by 

Just before Christmas and at the end of the year, security seemed to be in the spotlight everywhere once again. Not a single day went by without debates about the security of public places or the protection of our Christmas markets, such as through the use of mobile transit barriers. The growing interest in the protection of property or site boundaries, i.e. in perimeter protection, was also evident at the Perimeter Protection trade fair. With 135 exhibitors – 35% more than the previous event in 2016 – and more than 3,600 trade visitors (an increase of 31%), the trade fair drew to a close in mid-January. In addition to fences, gates, bollards, and barriers, exhibits also included high-tech cameras and drone detection systems. This special trade fair was complemented by the Perimeter Protection Congress.


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