There’s no getting away from these five natural cosmetic trends in 2018


Naturcosmetictrends at VIVANESS 2018 Copyright: NürnbergMesse

Trends in natural cosmetics: What’s out, what’s staying and above all: what’s next? The answers to these questions were provided at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, or to be more precise, at VIVANESS, the international trade fair for natural and organic personal care. From 14 to 17 February 2018, it brought together the who’s who of the green cosmetic sector and presented the beauty highlights of the coming year.

182 registered new products from a total of 276 exhibitors were waiting to be discovered. We went on a fact-finding tour and tracked down five natural cosmetic trends that are here to stay in 2018.

Trend 1: Natural plant-based hair dyes

One thing became clear very quickly at VIVANESS: Natural care products are in. In 2018, this trend also continued in the hairstyling segment. Instead of resorting to chemicals, hair can shine with natural plant-based dyes. These are a more than a match for their chemical counterparts and, thanks to many years of R&D, they offer impressive functionality and a wide range of colours like those offered by the revamped hair dye products from longstanding brand Logona.


Trend 2: Anti-pollution care

The next trend shows to what extent the natural cosmetics sector is keeping pace with the times and offering solutions for new challenges. Brought together under the umbrella term “anti-pollution,” special care products protect the skin from exhaust gases, particulates and other damaging environmental influences. Lavera, for example, is now specifically targeting the needs of stressed city skin with its expanded hydro effect range. Italian newcomer brand Sûrface, exhibitor at the Breeze special show, has also addressed this issue and developed a collection of skincare products for big-city life.


Trend 3: Asian beauty

Asian natural cosmetics, especially from Korea, continue to be popular. The Korean brand Whamisa presented exciting new products at VIVANESS, but Western brands are also drawing on techniques and active ingredients from Asia and incorporating them into their skincare collections. All formulations from Austrian brand Master Lin, for example, are inspired by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and even make use of its five-element theory.


Trend 4: Sunscreen with no endocrine-disrupting substances

The fourth natural cosmetic trend closes an important gap in the diverse range of products on the market: natural sunscreen made without endocrine-disrupting substances. There’s great demand for well-tolerated sunscreen with no synthetic SPFs. Weleda, for example, made a big comeback at VIVANESS with its sun cream Edelweiss, which deliberately dispenses with chemical UV filters.  


Trend 5: More sustainability

Another reason for celebration is that what’s perhaps the most durable trend is about to take the next step: natural cosmetics are becoming more and more sustainable, beyond just their healthy ingredients. Manufacturers are coming up with impressive ecological packaging concepts and are stressing the importance of a diverse conservation of resources. Hydrophil’s sustainable toothbrush that reduces the use of plastic, and Plaine’s “Wonder Powder” for hair/shower/shave are just two of many creative products found at VIVANESS that give us cause to look optimistically to the rest of 2018.

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