What makes an organic foodie’s heart beat faster?

Oil specialities, protein-to-go or fine food with turmeric: In February 2018 BIOFACH delivered inspiration to the organic food sector trade and to cooks who create culinary delights from organic ingredients in their kitchens. /// by 

Fine turmeric latte: just one of many organic culinary trends in 2018 - Picture credits: istockphoto.com/AnnaPustynnikova

For four days, the heart of the global organic sector was beating again in Nuremberg from 14 – 17 February 2018. Once again, there was plenty to discover for all those who are passionate about ecologically produced food, exquisite cuisine and the latest trends on the organic food scene. Trade visitors on a tour of discovery through the world’s leading international fair for organic food could look forward to more than 700 new products at the BIOFACH Novelty Stand alone. This didn’t include the wide range of other diverse product highlights from the total of 3,238 exhibitors at the combined BIOFACH and VIVANESS exhibition.

What were the hottest food trends in 2018? In the run-up to the event, industry insiders had already taken a closer look at the new products that would be introduced.

Oil specialities

This year, the experts noticed a trend in delicious fine oils with added value among the submissions at the Novelty Stand. For example, an oil for “future moms” and “little angels.” The “future moms” oil is a balanced blend of healthy, high-quality oils enriched with algae oil that’s naturally rich in vitamin E and omega-3. Vitamin E protects cells from oxidative stress, while essential omega-3 fatty acids are necessary to ensure normal growth and development in children. Other oil specialities included the “male power” oil from Elitphito and Baoban oil from africrops!

Proteins on-the-go

There are a lot of different diets around at the moment, and many nutrition-conscious people swear by protein. Protein products that are simple to prepare or easy to take away – whether for use in the home kitchen or for leisure activities and sport – are proving popular. Accordingly, organic producers exhibited a variety of “protein-to-go” products at BIOFACH 2018. These ranged from vegan protein bars (for example, in vanilla flavour) to coconut and lime protein balls, a “lentil bowl-to-go” and fair trade-quality protein peanut flour. The BIOFACH Novelty Stand also introduced other items high in protein, including pumpkin-seed protein bars and an organic and raw hemp protein powder.

Turmeric flavour

Turmeric, also known as yellow ginger, saffron root or curcumin, belongs to the ginger family and originates in South Asia. Turmeric is said to have a large number of positive characteristics – highly anti-oxidising, anti-inflammatory and a digestive aid – and it’s increasingly popular with foodies. The spectrum of organic products featuring turmeric is growing, and the spice was be found in many different combinations at BIOFACH, including paprika and turmeric tortelli with organic jackfruit, paprika and ginger filling, turmeric chai, turmeric and ginger cocoa and crunchy turmeric snacks.

Algae: The power plant from the sea

The sector is continuing to follow a trend that already made its mark in 2017: algae. Foodstuffs containing algae are completely new products, and the sector is still very much in the early days of this development. There’s a lot of experimentation going on, and that’s extremely exciting, said Michael Radau, CEO of SuperBioMarkt, when discussing algae last year. The trend continues in 2018, and the products displayed by BIOFACH exhibitors included penne tricolore pasta with algae, algae spice or gomasio – roasted sesame seeds with sea salt and seaweed – and organic Nori snacks seasoned with sea salt.

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins!

In the beverage sector, adding vitamins to drinks is in vogue. For example, there were juices at BIOFACH 2018 that boost the immune system and support concentration as well as juices containing antioxidants or iron.

Global trend products with a regional twist

One of the many trends on display at BIOFACH 2018 was products from various regions of the world but grown and produced in Germany, such as regional quinoa flour or flakes. The “power plant,” which originally comes from the Andes, has a lot of fans among people following a vegan or gluten-free diet. Quinoa is now being cultivated in Germany: for example, in Bohlsen, Lower Saxony.

Organic diversity on show with lentil lasagne, fermented coconut drink, flatbread and vegan honey (“wonig” in German).

Novelty Stand at BIOFACH 2018 featuring trends from the organic scene

The experts also noticed numerous other ongoing trends and innovative products among the new products submitted in 2018. They included pasta alternatives like lasagne made from yellow lentils, milk alternatives like a fermented coconut drink, convenience products like an organic vegan bread mix for flatbread and an organic vegan alternative to honey with fair-trade ingredients.




For all products featured at the BIOFACH and VIVANESS Novelty Stands, go to: www.biofach.de/neuheitenstand and www.vivaness.de/neuheitenstand.

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