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The largest event in Latin America for all aspects of cycling is Brasil Cycle Fair in São Paulo.  /// by 

It's all about the bike, and it’s all good at the Brasil Cycle Fair; Foto: studiofimagem

Two hundred years after its invention in Germany, the bicycle is still a hot topic. While German cities are discussing bicycle superhighways, the modern successors to the “draisine” are also

There are 70 million bicycles in Brazil; Foto: studiofimagem

conquering the mega-cities of South America, where they are playing an increasingly important role as a means of transport: “People no longer view the bicycle as just a piece of leisure equipment. For many of them it is the main means of transport,” says João Picolo, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse Brasil. Bicycles and bike accessories are on display at the Brasil Cycle Fair in São Paulo, which was organised by NürnbergMesse Brasil for the first time in September.

More bikes than cars

In the largest and most populous country in South America, there are 70 million bicycles – far more than the number of cars and motorcycles. Better and more cycle paths in large cities like São Paulo and the fact that people are becoming more environmentally aware are key reasons for the constant growth in the bicycle market. “We carried out a thorough analysis of the bicycle market to understand the needs, requirements and difficulties in the sector,” explains Picolo. In the process, contact was established with Aliança Bike, the association of the Brazilian bicycle industry, which had previously organised the Brasil Cycle Fair in São Paulo.

The largest bike event in South America; Foto: studiofimagem

“We were seeking a partner with experience in organising major events to improve and market the Brasil Cycle Fair. NürnbergMesse Brasil has a highly dedicated team and we have high hopes for the success of the fair,” says Marcelo Maciel, President of Aliança Bike.

Picolo and his team gained important insights from their conversations with shop owners, suppliers and manufacturers: “We realised that bike manufacturers in particular wanted to have even more contact with end users,” says Picolo. The supporting programme for the Brasil Cycle Fair in 2017 – the lar gest and best cycle event in Latin America – featured attractions like the “Levorin International Mountain Bike Cup” and a BMX championship,” he added.

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