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October 2011
NürnbergConvention: Umbrella brand with international appeal
  • Congresses, meetings and company events: Nürnberg repositioning
  • Goals: to enlarge Nürnberg’s share of the event pie and create more congress capacity
Nürnberg has a new congress brand: NürnbergConvention. The umbrella brand is based on a cooperation between NürnbergMesse and the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office (CTZ). One of the goals is to market Nürnberg nationally and internationally as an ideal location for congresses, meetings and all kinds of events, and overall to bring more events to Nürnberg and double turnover from the congress market in the long term. The NürnbergConvention Center also gets a new name in future and becomes the NürnbergConvention Center under the umbrella of NürnbergConvention. Inquiries from organizers will be handled centrally by the NürnbergConvention Bureau, which is operated jointly by NürnbergMesse and CTZ.
“The initiative behind NürnbergConvention, which is to strengthen Nürnberg as a destination for meetings and congresses, is unique in Germany,” says Dr.Roland Fleck, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse – and he should know. He is one of the founders of the Congress Initiative Nürnberg, in which those involved in the congress business in Nürnberg have pulled together since 2004 – with very positive impacts for the location and the NürnbergConvention Center.

New quality of cooperation

Under the common umbrella brand NürnbergConvention, a new quality is now to be achieved in terms of cooperation and strategic positioning in the national and international environment. Fleck: “NürnbergConvention doubles and trebles our contact areas in the market – and now we can develop a powerful presence on such important industry platforms as GCB, EVVC, ICCA or MPI*.” The partners involved will invest a total of over two million euros in NürnbergConvention activities in the coming five years.

To increase the impact of the new NürnbergConvention umbrella brand, the NürnbergConvention Center will also be part of it. NürnbergConvention Center now becomes NCC – the NürnbergConvention Center, as a part of NürnbergConvention. Fleck: “NürnbergConvention Center has developed huge powers of attraction in the past years, especially since the construction of NCC Ost. Turnover has leaped from 5.4 million to 11 million euros. When we now give up the NürnbergConvention Center brand in favour of NürnbergConvention, then because everyone will gain in the end, namely more events for Nürnberg overall.” The long-term target in the Nürnberg congress and meetings market is to double the turnover and thus also double the socio-economic effects induced by the events for the Metropolitan Region. Last time these amounted to a gross turnover of 480 million euros, of which 296 million euros remained in Nürnberg, and tax revenues of some 6 million euros. In absolute terms, the Nürnberg meetings market could accordingly enable 10,580 persons to earn their living at the average level of income in Nürnberg.

Imperial castle delights congress visitors

The Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office is naturally pleased about this: “NürnbergConvention quite clearly focuses on the destination concept,” says CTZ Managing Director Yvonne Coulin. What represents Nürnberg and makes it unique – the medieval Imperial Castle, the town wall with its fortified towers completely enclosing the old town centre, the imposing town houses and narrow winding streets – is also what delights the congress visitors.” The message is to arrive in the so-called MICE (Meetings/Incentives/Congresses/Events) market and direct attention to Nürnberg.

The NürnbergConvention Bureau will provide the support for implementing events in future. This is managed jointly by CTZ and NürnbergMesse with the aim of processing organizers’ inquiries quickly and in one place in cooperation with the city, airport, cultural institutions and the hotels of course. Another new feature is that a hotel booking system exclusively for visitors at NürnbergConvention events will be available in future. Coulin: “Whether for a guided tour of the city, a suitable location for an accompanying evening event or finding a room, the Convention Bureau is the contact point for all inquiries from organizers. The available expertise is concentrated here. The customer gets the full service right from the first contact. This brings him nothing but advantages – and us too.”

Nürnberg is actually already very well positioned in the segment for large congresses and events, but has a lot of catching up to do in the small and medium events segment – in which NürnbergConvention Center cannot operate cost-effectively. “Our share of the comparatively large pie in this segment is simply too small,” says Coulin, and refers to the result of a scientific study of the congress and event market in Nürnberg in April 2011.

Small congress centre wanted!

It is now intended to join forces to change this – also by succeeding in the long term in closing the gap in the facilities available for events in the 500 to 1,000 participants range. This was also one of the results of the study. Dr.Roland Fleck: “It would be very appropriate if the Nürnberg meeting and congress location were able to offer this additional range of facilities. It may seem strange for the operator of an existing congress centre, but if we were allowed to make a wish, it would be for another congress centre in Nürnberg to cater for the smaller events.”

The organizers of NürnbergConvention naturally have another wish: Fleck and Coulin in unison: “That NürnbergConvention shines its light far beyond Nürnberg and in the process communicates something of the splendour of this city, which certainly also adds sparkle to the events here.”

German Convention Bureau (GCB) markets Germany internationally and nationally as a location for congresses, meetings, events and incentives and is the central contact for all customers planning events in Germany.

The International Congress and Convention Association is one of the world’s leading communities for the international MICE industry.

European Association of Event Centres. EVVC represents some 700 event centres, congress halls, arenas and special event locations in Europe.

Meeting Professionals International is the world’s biggest association in the meetings and event industry and focuses on the USA.
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