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Contact persons for job vacancies

Do you have questions about a vacancy?
Get in touch with us directly.

Gabi Bronner, Personalbetreuung NürnbergMesse
Gabi Bronner
Contact for experienced professionals
T: +49 911/8606-8357
Lisa Struller
Contact for experienced professionals
T: +49 911/8606-8340
Sophie Kestel, Personalbetreuung NürnbergMesse
Sophie Kestel
Contact for experienced professionals & graduates
T: +49 911/8606-8356
Katharina Modjesch. Personalbetreuung NürnbergMesse
Katharina Modjesch
Contact for graduates, students, trainees & dual students
T: +49 911/8606-8320

Representative for disabled applicants

We will be happy to support you with your application.

Doris Kluth
Representative for disabled applicants
T: +49 911 860 686 54
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Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

Directions to the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg,
car park "Rotunde"


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