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Italy is number one among the international exhibitor countries participating in events in Nuremberg, a status it has held for years. NürnbergMesse Italia more than does justice to Italian companies' great significance at Nuremberg events. The subsidiary's team in Milan, headed by Managing Director Stefania Calcaterra, is an accomplished partner and contact for addressing concerns among Italian clients who want to attend NürnbergMesse Group events as an exhibitor or visitor – whether they’re in Nuremberg, Shanghai, or São Paulo.

The employees' portfolio also includes the organisation of the in-house event Focus on PCB in Vicenza, which is dedicated to the world of printed circuit boards and their assembly (PCB & PCBA).



Conference and exhibition on technologies, raw materials and marketing
Location: Milan, Italy

Focus on PCB

from design to assembly
Location: Vicenza, Italy

Your contact in Milan

Stefania Calcaterra, Managing Director NürnbergMesse Italia
Stefania Calcaterra
Managing Director NürnbergMesse Italia S.r.l.
T: +39 2 36 75 32 65
F: +39 2 36 75 32 79
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