Systematic Orientation

Via a large number of screens throughout the exhibition center, myLocation shows the shortest route to the next event highlight.

Find out more about NürnbergMesse's innovative navigation and information system here. 




The innovative, automated signposting makes it easier for the visitors to find their way around and calculates the optimum routes to the required Hall or room required.


You decide what is shown on what display. Welcome, signposting or advertising, on all or only on selected displays.


Every alteration or piece of new information is shown and updated on all relevant displays and is immediately visible.

Up to date

Management and data entry can be effected irrespective of the location, time and devices used – thus enabling you to flexibly control things and always have complete control and the overview online.


Thanks to the complex system’s easy operation, you save time and costs, take the pressure and burden off the graphics and editorial office and ensure the organised presentation of all information.

Locations and display types

Entrance Mitte of NürnbergMesse with Big LED Screen

Big LED-Screen Mitte

Welcome from afar
With the BIG LED Screen Mitte you give an imposing distant effect. Warmly welcome your visitors arriving by subway at Entrance Mitte and present your event impressively.

NCC Mitte
The BIG LED Screen Mitte is located on the forecourt of Entrance Mitte.

Box-office displays at NürnbergMesse

Box-office displays

Facilitate access
By using the box-office displays you can quickly communicate to the arriving visitors which box-office counters are open. You also provide an additional guide to the respective counter functions, whether it is the organisation by name or the latest box-office prices. You can also respond to demand during the event.

The entrance area has 12 box-office displays.

NCC Mitte
The entrance area has 9 box-office displays.

Main information panel lin the entrance area foyer of NürnbergMesse

Main information panel

Provide information in an attention-grabbing display
You can use the main information panel located in the entrance area foyer to provide your visitors with an overview of the event premises, show them the hall layout plan or a corporate video on your event. In the lower section the visitors are informed about the entire daily event schedule where they can also obtain a general overview.

The NCC Ost is equipped with a main information panel.

Displays for orientation and information in the entrance area foyers of NürnbergMesse

Foyer displays

Ensure the overview
Show the visitors the direct route to the halls. In the entrance area foyer you can display the halls, special shows and Congress rooms for your event and guide your visitors there directly. By using the advertising spaces incorporated in the foyer displays you have the opportunity of impressively positioning your advertising.

The entrance area foyer has two foyer displays.

NCC Mitte
The entrance area foyer has two foyer displays.

Levels distributorsof NürnbergMesse as a flexible navigation service

Levels distributor

Ensure the visitors find their way around
The levels distributors always show the visitors the right way to their required presentation. Positioned at all the hubs such as escalators and elevators, the levels distributors serve as a flexible navigation service, which automatically calculates all the necessary contents in a matter of seconds.

On all levels, at all hubs such as escalators and elevators.

NCC Mitte
On all levels, at all hubs such as escalators and elevators.

Room displays in front of the conference rooms of NürnbergMesse

Room displays

Take a detailed approach
Inform your visitors about the current presentation and presentations to follow. Signpost the speakers and program schedules for the conference room. Provide your visitors with a detailed overview of the daily schedule in the room.

All conference rooms and halls have displays showing the program information.

NCC Mitte
All conference rooms and halls have displays showing the program information.

Displays in the hall passages of NürnbergMesse

Hall passage

Show the way
Guide your visitors purposefully to the exhibition halls and show them the way ensuring an optimal tour of the halls. Draw their attention to special themes and highlights in the hall. On the large displays you can also advertise using powerful imagery.

One display wall each in the direction of Hall 4A and Hall 7A.

NCC Mitte
One display wall each in the direction of Hall 1, Hall 3C and Hall 9.

Exit displays of NürnbergMesse

Exit displays

Leave a lasting impression
With the displays at the exits you can say farewell to your visitors and at the same time tell them about the next event date. In addition, you also have the opportunity to display advertising here.

Display walls at all four exits.

Your possible locations

Map with the locations of the Digital Signage Displays of NürnbergMesse

Technical Details

Technical information on the displays

All the relevant technical specifications on displays, formats and the output options:

Technical information on software

Get to know the heart of myLocation even better and obtain an overview of what this system can do:

Advertising options

See and be seen: target group-orientated advertising using myLocation.

Advertising spaces integrated in the signposting – and thus always guaranteed to be the focal point for visitors. It is in your hands: with just one click you use the advertising spaces on the display walls in the foyer, in the hall passages, at the exits or on mobile information panels. Fill them with videos or photos of your exhibitors or partners and decide in a target group-orientated approach what is shown where.

The advertising preview provides you with an impression of the visually stunning advertising on MyLocation.

Advertising preview

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