Intelligent and dynamic delivery logistics for your trade fair exhibit

To ensure better planning and coordination of the assembly and dismantling phases with fewer waiting times and more flexibility, we have improved the logistics services we provide to you. With transitfair you can book time slots for loading and unloading your trucks to reduce waiting times. Take advantage of transitfair to improve your planning by securing a fixed time slot.

The booking system is currently available for the "Biogas Convention and Trade Fair 2021".

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Note: A one-time registration by e-mail is required for booking.

All benefits at a glance

How you benefit
  • Better trade fair planning thanks to improved delivery planning
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Regulation of traffic flows to prevent congestion
  • Reduced workload for truck drivers
  • More certainty thanks to forward planning
Extra special service

with the new NürnbergMesse logistics system:

  • Online reservation and booking of time slots for loading and unloading
  • Electronic check-in and check-out
  • Dynamic logistics planning
  • Flexible slot rebooking options
Additional infrastructure

A 21,000 m² truck parking area with waiting area for drivers is now available close to the exhibition centre for our exhibitors and their service providers.

Intelligent control system

A new digital system will assist with the management of the delivery logistics in future:

  • Traffic flows will be regulated by means of intelligent dynamic control of arrivals and departures.
  • Online reservations and booking of entry time slots for loading and unloading make it easier for our customers to plan and ensures a more efficient set-up and dismantling process.

This is how it works

Anmeldung online NürnbergMesse TransitFair

1. Online registration

Customers (exhibitors, stand builders, freight forwarders) register their vehicles online for access to the exhibition grounds and can reserve and book time slots for loading and unloading.

Registrierung NürnbergMesse TransitFair

2. On-site registration

The drivers register themselves on the terminals provided when they arrive at the truck parking area and receive a confirmation for the booked time slot with directions to the loading yard.

Be- oder Entladung NürnbergMesse TransitFair

3. Loading or unloading

At the time booked, the drivers receive a personal text message inviting them to proceed to the exhibition grounds. Following completed loading or unloading during the time slot the trucks check out again and leave the exhibition grounds.

Further information and booking

Information on entry permits for the assembly and dismantling of the respective events at the Nuremberg exhibtion centre as well as the possibility to book time slots for loading and unloading your trucks can be found here:

To the booking system
Note: A one-time registration by e-mail is required for booking.

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