Foto E-Mobilität

How we move you forward

At the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, 19 charging stations with two charging points (AC) each are currently available for charging e-vehicles in five areas. In addition, the innovative Audi charging hub with its reservable fast charging points (DC) extends the possibilities for charging your electric vehicle.

By 2025, NürnbergMesse plans to install 200 more charging points to offer its customers a wide range of charging options.

Locations of the charging stations

  • Parking deck Süd (access via entrance West)
  • Parking deck Süd-Ost 2 (access via entrance West)
  • Car park Große Straße (access via entrance Ost)
  • Car park VIP West/Mitte (access via entrance West)
  • Car park Rotunde (access via Otto-Bärnreuther-Straße)
  • Audi charging hub (access via Münchner Straße)
NürnbergMesse site plan
Foto E-Mobilität

Technical equipment

  • 19 charging stations with 2 charging points each
  • Max. connected load 22KW
  • Mennekes Type 2

That's how it's done!

Ad-hoc charging (QR code) or via the respective roaming partners plus applicable parking fees.

Foto E-Mobilität

Activation via RFID card or app of your roaming partner

The charging port is opened by presenting your card in front of the RFID symbol of the charging station. The charging process can also be activated by using the app of your roaming partner. Charging starts as soon as the charging cable is plugged into the vehicle and the charging port. Charging takes place according to the conditions of your roaming partner.

Foto E-Mobilität

Approval via QR code, NFC chip and web address

Scanning the QR code with your smartphone activates the release process in the Ativo backend. You can also start the activation via the NFC chip on your smartphone or call up the web address indicated on the charging station. Billing takes place via the partner Ativo at the displayed tariff information.

Service Contact

NürnbergMesse GmbH

Service telephone number:  +49 9 11 86 06-88 80
Service e-mail address: