Networking in Nuremberg: Tech industry needs strong women
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Networking in Nuremberg: Tech industry needs strong women

The networking event "women4ew" was a complete success at its premiere in 2023 as part of the embedded world Exhibition&Conference trade fair at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. The exchange platform is now set to grow. The aim is to make women more visible and the industry more diverse.

Embedded world is all about hardware and software; without embedded systems, hardly anything around us would work. They are at the heart of many products and the driving force behind today's digital, networked and automated world. Women with an affinity for technology want to actively participate and develop, but still find it difficult in a male-dominated industry. This is precisely why the new "women4ew" format was long overdue, with well over 100 participants impressively confirming this at the first edition.

Diverse teams as a goal

Experience has shown that a woman alone in a team adapts. "The goal must therefore be to have teams that are as diverse as possible," says Benedikt Weyerer, Event Director of embedded world. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to reach women at an early stage and get them interested in the industry. "It is just as important to support each other instead of competing with each other," Martina Hutter, Director Marketing at embedded world, is convinced.

Showcasing female role models, networking women, giving them better opportunities and thus making the tech industry fairer - for Eva Gengler, PhD student at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Nuremberg and co-founder of the young management consultancy "enableYou", this is a central component of the networking event: "Networks are the basis for more women being visible in IT and technology, deciding to enter it and, above all, staying there."

Key topics at the Table Talks

Eva Gengler is one of the speakers at "women4ew" who aim to inspire women. After a short keynote speech, she will talk about "Feminist AI" in a small group at the so-called Table Talk. One table over, Nadja Eder from SchuhEder Consulting, the HR consultancy for electronics, will share "first-hand career hacks" with the participants. She is delighted "to be back and also to be able to offer a platform for dialogue and networking for women in our industry."


The success of the "women4ew" format is based on a good balance between content and social issues. 

Women behind the successful format

For Martina Hutter, the success of "women4ew" is based on a good balance of content and social topics: "The event should help to discover opportunities and possibilities, especially with regard to diverse teams." This is why interested men are also welcome as participants.

When it comes to the right recipes for long-term diversity, Magdalena Daxenberger from DH electronics and Stefani Eisele from Intel + Altera have some interesting suggestions during their table talk. Together with Martina Hutter, the two embedded world advisory board members are the women behind the success of the new event.

"For me, 'women4ew' is an enriching and strong network that promotes open dialogue, makes role models visible and highlights a wide range of career opportunities in the embedded industry," says Magdalena Daxenberger, delighted with the continuation of the event. Stefani Eisele goes into raptures: "It's inspiring to experience an entire room full of women - the openness, energy, passion for the profession, enjoyable experiences but also consistent boundaries - that makes the event a highlight of the trade fair."

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