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Die casting is found in many everyday objects

Whether it's the studs of a football boot, components of a garden chainsaw, the housing of a stylish capsule coffee machine or the gold-plated cloverleaf of a lucky angel popular with collectors - die-cast products can be found in many everyday objects, as can be seen every year at the EUROGUSS trade fair in Nuremberg. However, the lion's share of the approximately 700,000 tonnes of die-cast production in Germany goes into vehicle construction in the form of components such as engine blocks or gearbox housings, as well as structural components such as door frames, tailgates or the bodywork; the Association of German Die-Casting Foundries estimates that around 80 per cent of these are used in the automotive industry.

Get an idea of these die-cast products for yourself, here using EUROGUSS 2018 as an example.

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