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How do I plan a trade fair stand?

An interview with the stand construction team: Planning a trade fair stand with the Stand Configurator 2.0

When it comes to designing a successful trade fair presence, there is no way around planning the trade fair stand - it is the company's flagship. It not only has to be fit for purpose, but also reflect the DNA of the company. However, companies often reach their limits when it comes to planning. We asked our colleagues from the exhibition services team how a professional exhibition stand can be planned in just a few steps using a stand configurator.

Mr. Hausam, you were part of the project team that developed the Stand Configurator 2.0. What do you mean by a stand configurator and what can it do?

Frank Hausam: As the name suggests, the stand configurator is a planning tool with which an exhibitor can design an individual trade fair stand. It is basically intended for all those who are interested in building a stand but are not trade fair stand construction professionals. With the stand configurator, exhibitors can plan their stand in just a few steps and get a concrete idea of what the stand might look like and what it would cost. One of our goals was to help exhibitors overcome their fear of stand construction. As far as operation is concerned, the stand configurator is therefore designed to be as simple as possible. Everyone should be able to use it immediately and understand the possibilities behind it or simply use it to find ideas.

The stand configurator offers a convenient 3D preview of your exhibition stand

What basic functions does the Stand Configurator 2.0 offer compared to its predecessor?

Moritz Müller: The highlight of the new stand configurator is certainly the 3D view, with the help of which you can see your configured stand in a 3D preview. The swivelling 3D view not only offers a very real image of the future stand, the exhibitor can also see at first glance whether there is enough space for his planned project. This function is currently unique on the market in this form. In addition, rental furniture can be placed and booked and exhibitors can place their own machines or exhibits by setting up a dummy. The floor plan function then offers the possibility of viewing the stand in its actual dimensions. The new configurator is completely responsive programmed, so it also works on mobile devices. With the help of an 8-digit configuration code, I can save the stand in the system for later completion or forward it to other people. This way I can send it to colleagues or superiors on the one hand, but also use it again at the next event. This not only saves time, but also increases customer loyalty.

Stand configurator

Can special requests also be considered?

Frank Hausam: You will find around 35 different stand types in the configurator, from simple system stands to exclusive, partially customisable stands. You can adapt these stands to your own wishes in the configurator. For example, I can customize my stand by choosing colors and shapes for individual components or the color of the carpet. With initial basic optics I have innumerable different variants in the configuration with only one type of stand. The exhibitor can thus present himself at the fair with his company colours without great effort or exploding costs. All other elements are stored with binding fixed prices. At the end of the configuration there is a comment form for special requests. The price for these will be requested individually from the suppliers. This also means that the stand configurator does not end with the predefined variants; (almost) all wishes can be taken into account in personal discussions.

Biggest advantages: Uncomplicated planning of the trade fair stand and direct ordering.

What do you see as the biggest advantages for an exhibitor when planning his stand with the Stand Configurator?

Moritz Müller: One of the biggest advantages of the stand configurator is that it is so easy and intuitive to use. We wanted to give exhibitors who are not familiar with stand construction the opportunity to design their own stand according to their individual wishes without any technical understanding. The steps and functions are self-explanatory and you can see at first glance how the stand will finally look like. With the mouse or the finger furniture can be moved and placed concretely. In addition, with one order via the stand configurator, the trade fair stand is completely organized, the exhibitor basically does not have to worry about anything. The stand is completely set up before the trade fair and dismantled again after the trade fair. The exhibitor only has to bring his exhibits or exhibition material, everything else is implemented by us in the complete offer.

Stand configurator

Assuming I am an exhibitor and planning my trade fair appearance, what exactly do I have to do to get a stand according to my wishes?

Moritz Müller: On the homepage or you are guided step by step through the configuration. Basically, you get to your desired stand via five simple steps:

  1. Selection of the event
  2. Selection of the stand shape and area
  3. Selection of the stand
  4. Configuration (stand design, choice of furniture)
  5. Completion of the order process

Through these five steps you have configured your "individual" exhibition stand and do not need to worry about anything else. As a trade fair company, we see it as our duty to support the exhibitor as best we can before and during his trade fair stay. With the Stand Configurator 2.0, we have created a planning tool that addresses precisely this issue.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Start planning your exhibition stand!

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