Brazilian delegation visits Germany
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Green hydrogen: Brazil in a double pass with the metropolitan region in Nuremberg

Green hydrogen is a key element of the energy transition. With Brazil, a major player now wants to position itself as a leading producer of green hydrogen on the global market. German-Brazilian synergies are of crucial importance here - also in the double passport with the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

At the fourth edition of the Hydrogen Dialogue, the central meeting point for the hydrogen industry at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, one in three visitors was international. Brazil in particular showed great interest in the professional dialogue between experts and decision-makers. The importance of hydrogen in the largest South American country with its enormous renewable energy resources was emphasised by the presence of seven top companies from the sector as part of a large Brazilian delegation in Nuremberg.

Exchange in Nuremberg strengthens Brazilian market

"This exchange contributes to the continuous strengthening of the Brazilian market," Diego Nicolau de Carvalho from NürnbergMesse Brasil summarises, "the entrepreneurs met for intensive one-on-one discussions to identify opportunities and forge partnerships to drive innovation in the hydrogen sector."

The focus was on the matchmaking session "Opportunities in Brasil", a side event of the Hydrogen Dialogue organised by H2Uppp, a funding programme of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the German-Brazilian Chamber of Sāo Paulo with the support of NürnbergMesse Brasil: 50 participants engaged in an intensive exchange of information and explored business opportunities.

Matchmaking session between experts and decision-makers

In the matchmaking session, experts and decision-makers will discuss hydrogen under the motto: "Oppertunities in Brasil".

Brazil invests heavily in hydrogen

The potential of the hydrogen market in Brazil is huge and the government's commitment is cause for optimism. With a three-year plan for the further development of the hydrogen fuel industry, the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy wants to create framework conditions, incentivise investment and promote strategies for integrating hydrogen into the energy mix. At the same time, the state of Ceará has announced that it will invest around 3.3 billion euros in the development of a plant for green hydrogen, which is set to go into operation at the beginning of 2027 and have an annual production rate of 1.2 million tonnes.

Expertise from industry pioneers

The five-day visit to Germany by Brazilian industry leaders is intended to give these endeavours a boost. In addition to the professional exchange at NürnbergMesse, the high-calibre delegation also went in search of hydrogen expertise in the Nuremberg metropolitan region and throughout Bavaria - with visits to Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, HyPerformer in Pfeffenhausen, Fraunhofer Umsicht, Hydrogenious, Energie Campus Nürnberg, MAN and Proton Motor.

But the dialogue does not end there. The networking between producers, investors, scientists, logisticians and large-scale users will continue this year in Brazil - at the third Hydrogen Dialogue Brasil on 23 and 24 October 2024 in Sāo Paulo.

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