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Grüezi – Greetings to Switzerland!

15. February 2021
  • NürnbergMesse has a new international representative to serve Switzerland and Liechtenstein: event-ex ag  
  • Pre-Covid, more than 11,000 visitors and around 500 exhibitors from Switzerland and Liechtenstein came to the Exhibition Center  
  • Main focuses: Organic food (BIOFACH), innovative packaging solutions (FACHPACK), technology for bulk solids (POWTECH), paints and coatings (European Coatings Show), woodworking (HOLZ-HANDWERK), window construction (FENSTERBAU FRONTALE) and outdoor equipment (IWA OutdoorClassics)

Pocket knives and clocks are quintessential Swiss innovations. Germany’s neighbour is known worldwide for its inventions and high-quality products, many of which it presents at NürnbergMesse events – whether on location, or in a digital space during the pandemic. Swiss companies especially focus on several trade shows: BIOFACH (organic foods), FACHPACK (packaging solutions), POWTECH (technology for bulk solids), European Coatings Show (paints and coatings), HOLZ-HANDWERK (woodworking), FENSTERBAU FRONTALE (window, door & facade construction) and IWA OutdoorClassics (outdoor equipment – like the Swiss Army Knife). To help Swiss companies keep finding the right trade fairs for their innovations, event-ex ag has been available since the beginning of 2021 as the new international representative of NürnbergMesse for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. “Switzerland is an important market with innovative companies. So we’re very pleased that an experienced trade fair specialist, event-ex ag, has agreed to act as NürnbergMesse’s international representative. At the same time, we want to thank the Germany-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, which was our representative for 35 years,” said NürnbergMesse Group CEO Peter Ottmann. “Once the pandemic is past, trade fairs in Nuremberg will offer Swiss companies important opportunities to resume personal contact, and to present their innovations again to an international audience,” said event-ex ag Managing Director Peter Plan.

Among the new representative’s clients are the roughly 50 exhibitors who took part in BIOFACH 2019 and VIVANESS 2019. Leading trade fairs in Nuremberg offer Swiss companies and organisations access to the German market, and generate valuable international contacts.

Germany is Switzerland’s Number One market for sales. Every year, Swiss exports to Germany come to 44.1 billion Swiss francs, about 18 per cent of the country’s total exports. Thus Switzerland’s innovative strength and high-quality products make it a core market for NürnbergMesse. The rankings of international exhibitors also show that Swiss companies find the right trade shows in Nuremberg – for years, the Swiss have been among the top ten here. In 2019 around 470 exhibitors from Switzerland took part at NürnbergMesse shows. And the Alpine country is also a major source of visitors, with more than 10,600 attending in 2019 (2018: over 12,500).

A concierge for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies

The international representative is entirely at the service of Swiss and Liechtenstein companies, and acts as their direct contact partner. Peter Plan and his team customise extensive information packages about the trade fair portfolio for their clients – whether for digital, hybrid, or future in-person events in Nuremberg – and about the attending industries and participants. “We knowingly call ourselves ‘practical enthusiasts’, because we know an appearance at a trade fair needs two things: enthusiasm in inspiration and creation, and a pragmatic approach in preparation,” Plan says, speaking from his many years of experience in marketing and exhibitions. The representatives can also provide all kinds of support with questions about new digital trade fair formats. And when attendance in person becomes possible again, event-ex ag will assist Swiss and Liechtenstein companies who want to set their sights on other continents as well. “From Switzerland through Nuremberg to the world!” says Plan. After all, NürnbergMesse’s international events in such places as China, India and Brazil likewise offer major opportunities for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies.

About event-ex ag

Owner-operated event-ex ag, located in Uster near Zurich, is an agency specialised in trade fairs, and has been in business for 10 years. Its five employees and extensive network of partners enable event‑ex ag to cover organisation, service consulting, and all aspects of trade fairs and events.


International representative for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

event-ex ag
Peter Plan, Managing Director
T +41 (0) 43 399 45 71
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M +41 (0) 79 403 05 94
Amtsstrasse 3
CH-8610 Uster/Zürich

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