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Contract signing in UAE for the Gulf Coatings Show

Contract signing in UAE: Mohamed Al Midfa, CEO Expo Center Sharjah, and Alexander Mattausch, Director European Coatings Shows, NürnbergMesse, signed the contract for the Gulf Coatings Show, which will take place for the first time in October 2022.

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NürnbergMesse brings new colour to Indonesia and the Persian Gulf

28. September 2021
  • Two new trade fairs and conferences for coatings, in Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, planned for 2022
  • The colours and coatings market has growth potential worldwide
  • Successful collaboration between NürnbergMesse and Vincentz Network to continue

Signing a contract at the Expo Center Sharjah today, the NürnbergMesse Group and its partner Vincentz Network established two new events for the coatings industry in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. In Indonesia, the first Pacific Coatings Show will be held from 21 to 23 September 2022, and in the United Arab Emirates, NürnbergMesse and Vincentz Network will be holding the Gulf Coatings Show from 16 to 18 October 2022. “Both trade fairs will take place on a two-year cycle”, announced NürnbergMesse Group CEO Dr Roland Fleck. “We’ll thus be offering five events for the coatings industry on three continents. We’re expanding the coatings industry’s international network farther every year. Together with our long-standing partner Vincentz Network, NürnbergMesse is continuing to enhance its worldwide standing as a professional organiser of trade fairs.”

Following the pause in face-to-face events due to the coronavirus pandemic, this expansion of NürnbergMesse’s portfolio resumes the company’s former accelerated pace of international growth. “We’re now systematically continuing the internationalisation process we began before the pandemic, and will be extending our successful exhibition concepts into new markets. Our formula for success will continue to build on industries’ global networking, together with the reinforcement of our corporate brand”, adds NürnbergMesse co‑CEO Peter Ottmann.

The NürnbergMesse Group and Vincentz Network have a combined portfolio of five events for the coating sector all over the world. The product family had its origins with the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. Related events followed in Brazil and India. The two new events in Indonesia and the UAE are once again advancing the coatings family quite strategically into growth markets. Projections indicate that in future the entire Asia-Pacific region will represent some 50 per cent of the world’s market for colours and coatings. The Southeast Asian markets are expected to show an average growth rate of five per cent over the next five years.

An equally lucrative future market for the coatings industry is growing up in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2019, the regional coatings market was estimated at a total value of roughly US$10 billion. This market is projected to grow about 4.1 per cent per year over the next five years.

The international network of coatings events:

  • PAINTINDIA, Mumbai, India, 10-12 March 2022
  • ABRAFATI, São Paulo, Brazil, 21-23 June 2022
  • NEW: Pacific Coatings Show, Jakarta, Indonesia, 21-23 September 2022
  • NEW: Gulf Coatings Show, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 16-18 October 2022
  • European Coatings Show, Nuremberg, 28-30 March 2023


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