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sld mediatec wird neuer ServicePartner für Elektrodienstleistungen der NürnbergMesse

NürnbergMesse weitet Netzwerk an ServicePartnern aus: Sebastian Kamm (links), Geschäftsführer sld mediatec, und Remo Zimmermann (rechts), Bereichsleiter Services der NürnbergMesse Group, freuen sich auf die Kooperation.

Press release of NürnbergMesse

NürnbergMesse to add sld mediatec as new service partner for electrical services

21. December 2023


  • From July 2024, sld mediatec GmbH will offer electrical equipment services at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in addition to media equipment
  • Customers will benefit from the expertise and reliability of two Service Partners: SPIE SAG GmbH and sld mediatec GmbH


NürnbergMesse is expanding its network of Service Partners for its exhibitors. Effective 1 July 2024, sld mediatec of Nuremberg will join long-time Service Partner SPIE SAG GmbH as one of two companies offering electrical installation assistance at the Exhibition Centre. The addition is no unknown – sld mediatec has been a NürnbergMesse Service Partner for media equipment since July of 2023. “Services are utterly indispensable for organising and holding trade fairs. By adding sld mediatec as a new Service Partner for electrical work, we’re expanding the range of expertise and reliability we can offer as part of our customer service,” says Remo Zimmermann, Services Division Head at the NürnbergMesse Group.

Complementing perennial Service Partner SPIE SAG GmbH, which has been providing electrical services for exhibitors reliably and capably at the Exhibition Centre for more than four decades, sld mediatec GmbH will join the servicing team as from the second half of 2024. Electrical services are a vital component in organising trade fairs, so it was important to NürnbergMesse to have at least two Service Partners on hand for this product category, as it has for so many others. NürnbergMesse itself will continue to book and manage orders for electrical services centrally. In a selection process involving a number of bidders, sld mediatec stood out especially for its innovativeness and its location in Nuremberg. 

With SPIE SAG GmbH, NürnbergMesse already has a long-standing partner who has played an active role in helping build up Nuremberg as an exhibitions hub. NürnbergMesse very much appreciates SPIE SAG’s partnership and is now looking forward to working together with two strong, highly professional Service Partners for electrical work.

About sld mediatec

Handling more than 1,000 projects a year, sld mediatec GmbH of Nuremberg has evolved into a full-service specialist since its founding in 1995. Its experienced team of more than 80 employees, an additional pool of freelancers, and nearly 30 years of experience enable sld mediatec GmbH to offer a broad range of equipment services in fields like media, events, and electrical installation.

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