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Embedded systems and race cars

Interview with Pascal Wehrlein, Formula E driver, Mahindra Racing Team.

Pascal Wehrlein, Formula E driver of the Mahindra Racing Team, will present the embedded award in the Start-ups category during the embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2019.


What is a Formula E driver doing at embedded world in Nuremberg, a trade fair for embedded systems?

Today I have the pleasure of being a guest at the Renesas Electronics booth. Renesas is the technology partner of my team, Mahindra Racing, and equips the race cars with its battery management system based on its microchips. Electronics and embedded systems are definitely an important part of the race cars.


How important is the contribution that technology partners like Renesas make in Formula E?

Very important. The heart of every Formula E car is the battery system, i.e. the battery. The performance and range of the battery management systems can make the decisive difference in Formula E. Everything has to work and be technologically mature. Together with Renesas' expertise, our successful racing team will raise the bar for electric racing even higher in the future.


You have made a successful start to your first Formula E season. Congratulations on your podium finish in Chile!

Thank you very much. A podium finish in my first real race, that's definitely a good start and very motivating. In everything I do, I always set myself high goals and Formula E is no different. The whole team is doing a fantastic job and the car feels great. The first races show how competitive we are. We're doing everything we can to build on these initial successes and use the momentum for further top finishes.


You've already been able to gain experience in Formula 1 as well. What are the differences to Formula E?

Formula 1 and Formula E are very different. Well, both are single-seaters, with the obvious difference that Formula E is electric. But the handling of the two cars is very different. In Formula E, for example, there is less downforce. We might be a bit slower, but we drive on street circuits, which makes driving the race car more challenging and also more exciting.


What can we expect from Team Mahindra in Formula E this season?

We are competing in every race to win. We have a super working team and have also taken a big step forward technologically this season. We are highly motivated to defend our top position in the championship. With 83 points we're currently first in the team standings and have clinched three podium places so far. That's a very good starting position for us.


All the best for the rest of the season and have fun at the show. Thank you very much for the interview!

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