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Excellent sustainability: the new Hall 3C

The German Sustainable Building Council awards the new Hall 3C the "Platinum" certificate. According to the experts, no exhibition hall in the world can boast comparable values to the new halls at NürnbergMesse.

With an overall compliance rate of 90.5 %, the new Hall 3C was awarded the "Platinum" certificate by the auditors of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). According to the DGNB experts, no exhibition hall in the world can boast comparable values to 3C and its sister hall 3A at NürnbergMesse.

"The two new halls of NürnbergMesse are those with the highest DGNB rating among assembly venues," emphasizes architect Giulia Peretti, Sustainable Building Expert and DGNB auditor. The impressive result is based on a strict catalogue of measures that NürnbergMesse adhered to during the design and construction of the new building. Ecological, social and economic aspects were taken into account in close coordination with the DGNB auditors.

Giulia Peretti, DGNB Auditor

Giulia Peretti, DGNB Auditor, WSGreen Technologies GmbH, Stuttgart

The 3C collects plus points, for example, with the lighting. Thanks to the two fully glazed sides of the hall with a total of 3,000 square metres of glass surface, the proportion of daylight in the overall lighting in the 3C is particularly high. This contributes to the positive atmosphere in the hall and saves energy. Just like the efficient LED luminaires, which take over the lighting as soon as it gets dark.

The very good air quality in the hall also led to the DGNB award. This is due to the use of low-emission building materials that are demonstrably odour-neutral. Only building materials with very low emissions and SVHC concentrations, FSC- and PEFC-certified woods and halogen-free materials were used. A mechanical ventilation system provides plenty of fresh air in Hall 3C. Thanks to its highly efficient heat recovery system with rotary exchangers, it saves around 80 % energy.

These and many other measures mean that the new Hall 3C is 75 % below the energy-saving regulations. Actual energy consumption during trade fair operations is continuously monitored and optimised by a modern building management system. "Hall 3C is an excellent example of the integration and implementation of all the principles of ecological, economic, social and technical quality," says DGNB auditor Giulia Peretti.

Hall 3C

The gallery in the new Hall 3C offers space for communication.

Accessibility and easy orientation

Part of the "Platinum" certificate is also the barrier-free use of the building. To make this possible and to make Hall 3C functional for people with disabilities, NürnbergMesse involved the Nuremberg City Council for the Disabled in the planning phase. Valuable findings from this exchange have been incorporated into the new building.

For example, NürnbergMesse followed the recommendations of the Leben pur foundation (project "Toilets for all") and installed WCs for people with disabilities on both levels in the 3C. Easy orientation in the hall, also for visually impaired people, is ensured by high colour contrasts in pathways and hall furnishings. Guidance systems are available for blind people.

Safety - even in case of fire

The fire protection in the new Hall 3C is also excellent. This has been confirmed by the Bundesverband Technischer Brandschutz e. V. (bvfa) with the "Sprinkler Protected" seal of quality. The award has been presented for 20 years to public and private buildings with exemplary fire protection. Among other things, Hall 3C scored points for the use of halogen-free building materials, which do not release any corrosive and decomposing fire gases and thus increase the safety of building users in the event of a fire.

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