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The blood donor mobile of the Bavarian Red Cross tours Bavaria throughout the year. It recently stopped in front of the NürnbergMesse.

Almost everyone in Germany - 94 percent - considers blood donation an important issue. Nevertheless, only 3.5 percent of the population donate. The blood donation service of the Bavarian Red Cross uses the blood donation mobile to draw attention to the issue. It stopped off at the NürnbergMesse these days. A conversation with team leader Jennifer Bray from the blood mobile.

The blood donor mobile stops in front of the NürnbergMesse. What other locations are you heading to?

Jennifer Bray: We are on the road almost every day throughout Bavaria and drive to schools and businesses as well as public places such as marketplaces or shopping centers. Actually, we are everywhere where we can stand, so that the blood mobile is seen by as many people as possible.

Jennifer Bray

Jennifer Bray, team leader in the blood donor mobile of the BRK

What is the task of the blood donor mobile?

In addition to the approximately 4,500 blood donation appointments (appointments in your vicinity) that the blood donation service offers annually in Bavaria alone, donors can also become active with us and save lives with their donation. The Blood Donation Mobile is the flagship of the Blood Donation Service. With the truck - which looks quite impressive - we want to generate attention for the important topic and especially recruit first-time donors.

In Bavaria alone, 2,000 blood donations are needed every day

Why is donating blood so important?

In Bavaria alone, 2,000 blood donations are needed every day, especially for cancer patients or accident victims. And Bavaria is not even the most populous federal state. There is no artificial alternative to donated blood. Due to demographic change, there are fewer and fewer possible donors, while the need for canned blood for the elderly is increasing. But it is not only in old age that people depend on blood donations: Every third person needs a blood product once in their life.

Preparation of blood donations

Processing of blood donations.

How much blood did the NürnbergMesse employees donate today?

About half a liter of blood is drawn per donor. Over 50 employees took part today. However, this half liter of "whole blood" is not the same as a can. The blood that was donated today is sent to the production department during the night. There, each conserve is divided into three: Erythrocyte concentrate (red blood cells), which is needed for accident victims, platelet concentrate (blood platelets), which is used in chemotherapy and is responsible for blood clotting, and blood plasma, the pure liquid part, which is needed for people with hemophilia, for example. So with one donation you can help three different patients - one donation saves up to three lives!

How long does the donation take and who is allowed to donate?

The donation itself only takes a quarter of an hour. Then there is the preparation and follow-up. Especially when you donate for the first time, there is more explanation and a slower procedure. Before donating, a health questionnaire must be filled out. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 72 who is healthy and weighs more than 50 kg can donate.


Thank you very much for the interview, Ms Bray!

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