Heimspiel: Messestädte-Fußballturnier erstmals in Nürnberg
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Trade Fair Cities Soccer Cup: Brazilian passion for our team

On June 15, 2024, the International Trade Fair Cities Soccer Cup will take place for the 42nd time. To mark its 50th anniversary, NürnbergMesse will be the venue and proud host for the first time. Our team will also be supported by two NürnbergMesse Brasil footballers. These are our kickers! Part 4

Eduardo "Edu" Valente - his great idol: Romário

What is your job at NürnbergMesse Brasil?

My role at NMB involves connecting people to the business, aligned with our culture. I work strategically across the pillars of People, which include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Compensation, Leadership Development, and People Development. Overall, my role is to support leadership and employees, ensuring they have the right tools to perform and deliver, all in alignment with our culture.

Eduardo has been passionate about soccer since he was a child. His idol is Romário.

Eduardo has been a soccer enthusiast since childhood.


What is your role on the soccer pitch?

On the soccer field, I play as a winger. I use my speed, dribbling skills, and strong shot to make a difference. Whether it's making a pass to score a goal, scoring a goal, covering for a teammate who pushed forward, or quickly getting back to defend, I'll do it. I'm very versatile and always bring a lot of determination. Dedication and the will to win will never be lacking when I'm on the field.

What is your connection to soccer?

Soccer has always been a part of my life, ever since I was born. In the hospital room where I stayed after being born, there was already a jersey of my favourite team Corinthians hanging up. I've been playing in leagues since I was 5 years old. I remember choosing my jersey number for the first time because of Romário; I picked number 11, which is special to me. Throughout my childhood, I played both futsal and soccer, which is very common here in Brazil. My routine was daily practice and official matches on weekends. I breathed soccer all the time. I love this sport, it is part of me.

How did you come to join the team?

First, I heard about the team was during last year's Christmas party of NürnbergMesse. Me and the whole team of NMB was invited. Because I am coming to Nuremberg for a one-week ‘Office Exchange’ during the tournament to exchange ideas with colleagues from HR and the works council, I can also take part in the tournament and support our team.

What are your expectations of the Exhibition Cities Football Cup in Nuremberg?

WINNING! I am very excited about this tournament, the opportunity to be part of the team, and bringing the championship trophy home to NürnbergMesse. Auf geht's!

Guilherme "Gui" Martinez - his passion is Palmeiras and futsal

What is your job at NürnbergMesse Brasil and on the soccer pitch?

I am currently the head of the Pet South America, Pet Vet, and Pet Experience events at NMB. On the field, I prefer to play as a winger (left or right), left midfielder, or defensive midfielder.

Guilherme Martinez

Guilherme Martinez is completing a Master's degree in Madrid - and is traveling to Nuremberg for the Trade Fair Cities Soccer Cup.


What is your connection to soccer?

Like every Brazilian, I have been passionate about soccer since I was a child, specifically for the Brazilian team called Palmeiras. I played futsal from the age of 6 at my school and later at university. Currently, I play 8 vs 8 soccer on artificial grass weekly, in addition to practicing CrossFit, swimming, and going to the gym.

How did you join the team?

I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis, a team member, during the last Company´s Christmas Party. He mentioned the Exhibitions Cities Soccer Cup and said that if I was interested, I was invited to join. I had no doubts about accepting the invitation to represent Nuremberg in the competition. And because I received a scholarship at the ESIC in Madrid, where I'm currently studying for a Master's degree in Digital Marketing, it's not that far to Nuremberg.

What are your expectations of the exhibition city soccer tournament in Nuremberg? What are you looking forward to?

I am very excited, especially to meet all the people who will be participating in the cup, to play and count on the support of the entire NM family, and of course, to win the cup!


That was part 4 of 4 of our team presentation. We have introduced other players from the NürnbergMesse team here: Part 1.

We are looking forward to the 42nd International Exhibition Cities Football Tournament on 15 June in Nuremberg!

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