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Trade fair Germany in soccer fever: this is our team

On June 15, 2024, the International Exhibition Cities Football Tournament will take place for the 42nd time. NürnbergMesse will be taking part with a team and, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, will be the venue and proud host for the first time. A few weeks before the tournament, anticipation is building among the NürnbergMesse players. These are our kickers!

Uwe Friedrich - Chairman of the Works Council and Team Manager

What is your job at NürnbergMesse?

I am the full-time Chairman of the Works Council and lead a committee of eleven Works Council members. Together we represent the interests of almost 600 NürnbergMesse employees vis-à-vis the employer. I also sit on the Supervisory Board of NürnbergMesse as an employee representative.

Uwe Friedrich

Uwe Friedrich is chairman of the works council, coach and tournament organiser.

What is your role in the NürnbergMesse soccer team?

NürnbergMesse was invited to the International Exhibition Cup in Berlin for the first time in 2019. At that time, the management asked me to put together a quick-witted team and take care of all the organizational matters. Even back then - before the coronavirus pandemic - we had the goal of organizing the Exhibition Cup in Nuremberg soon. Thanks to my strong connection to soccer, I also became the team coach, team manager and tournament manager for our home tournament in 2024.

What is your connection to soccer?

In my youth, I was a goalkeeper and played for the Bayern team. I later got my coaching license and coached youth teams for a long time. I'm currently an active referee and officiate matches up to the district league.

What do you wish for the 2024 Trade Fair Soccer Cup in Nuremberg?

I hope that the Exhibition Cup will be an unforgettable, peaceful and spectacular weekend in Nuremberg for our guest teams and traveling fans! I hope that the anticipation and enthusiasm that we feel in the soccer team will also spill over into the workforce and that they will be inspired by the unique flair of the Exhibition Cup. With the maximum support of our employees, we can show what a great host NürnbergMesse is - and with their support, our team can win the tournament!

Daniel Puschmann - soccer-mad event manager

What is your job at NürnbergMesse?

I'm currently doing my training as an event manager. I've been working in various departments for three years, gaining insights into the different activities and learning our core business - organizing trade fairs - from A to Z. I will complete my training at the end of June and then join the Powtech Technopharm team.

Daniel Puschmann

Events manager Daniel Puschmann is a big football fan.

What does soccer mean to you?

I've been playing soccer since I was five years old! At 1. SC Feucht and TSV 04 Feucht, I've also played against big teams like AC Milan, Dortmund and FC Bayern. I ended my club career two years ago. But I still follow soccer with a passion: I watch games from all leagues - from England to Portugal and Spain. As an ardent "Glubb" (1. FCN) supporter and season ticket holder, I'm always there in the stadium!

How did you join the NM team?

My friends and trade fair colleagues told me about the Messe Cup in Berlin. When trade fair colleagues from all over Germany and Europe come together for a soccer tournament and to celebrate , I really wanted to experience it for myself! When the preparations for the tournament in Utrecht started after the coronavirus break, I was there straight away.

What are your hopes for the 2024 Trade Fair Soccer Cup in Nuremberg?

I hope that we or another exhibition team can challenge Hannover for the title! Our minimum goal is the top 3. For the home tournament, I hope that as many employees of the "NM Family" as possible will take part as helpers, fans and spectators.

Lorenz Engerer - Soccer since childhood

What is your job at NürnbergMesse?

At IWA OutdoorClassics, I work in the event team in the organization department. As hall manager, I take care of planning several halls and looking after our customers. I also support our exhibitors with events during the trade fair or with safety issues and coordination with the authorities.

Lorenz Engerer plays football.

Lorenz Engerer from the IWA team has been playing football since he was a child.

What is your connection to soccer?

I played soccer at TSV Markt Erlbach from an early age - I played in all the teams from the G-youth to the men's team. When I moved away from home for my dual studies, I was happy to be able to pursue my hobby at NürnbergMesse.

How did you join the NM team?

I was approached about the soccer team during the selection process for NürnbergMesse - before I even had my first day at work! When I started my dual studies, it was clear to me that I wanted to play for the team.

What are your hopes for the 2024 Trade Fair Soccer Cup in Nuremberg?

For the tournament in Nuremberg, I hope that, in addition to a large number of active players, a large number of colleagues will be there to cheer on the teams as fans. This is absolutely crucial for the atmosphere at the tournament and plays a huge part in making the Exhibition Cup in Nuremberg an unforgettable event!

You can find more players from our NürnbergMesse Soccer Team here in part 2.

We are looking forward to the 42nd International Exhibition Cities Football Tournament on June 15 in Nuremberg!

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