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Where hybrid events become real: hybr.id_space

"The workshop landscape can go digital!" For Christian Schadinger, Managing Director of noris inklusion gGmbH in Nuremberg, the 2021 Werkstätten:Messe, Germany's most visited social and educational show, which was held digitally for the first time, was a complete success. The ideal location for all the live programme items was the hybr.id_space Nuremberg on the NürnbergMesse site, with 230 square metres and a ceiling height of 4.80 metres as large as a small cinema hall.

"The hybr.id_space Nuremberg is the little brother of the hybr.id_space Hanover, we operate these two studios autonomously, in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and Berlin we work together with partners," says Marco Bauer, Director Client Relations of Holtmann in Hanover Langenhagen. As a service partner of NürnbergMesse, Holtmann is also represented at the exhibition centre with its own office.

The studios are little wonder bags that offer space for the most diverse types of events: from trade fairs and congresses to training courses and conferences to product launches and press conferences. Be it a classic face-to-face event, a pure streaming experience or a hybrid event with guests on site and digital participants. "The studio is just the backdrop," explains Bauer, "we build a technical set around an event organiser's content and accompany them from the initial idea to storytelling, right through to the perfect implementation and follow-up."

hybr.id_space offers a wide range of possibilities

Fireworks of digital technology

In the first year of the pandemic, participants in video conferences constantly experienced that functioning technology is an absolute must for digital communication, but not a matter of course - from dropouts at the digital party conference to a failed team conference in the home office. "That's why we don't compromise on technology," Bauer said. The hybr.id_space is a variable studio with extensive control room, camera and lighting technology, content is streamed via fibre optic cable exclusively via the company's own digital streaming platform or clients' corporate platforms and channels. This is also well received by those who depend on it in particular, such as Ilka Groenewold, presenter at the Werkstätten:Messe: "I experienced a successful start to the trade fair - the team and technology are unique."

The team and technology are unique.

Ilka Groenewold, presenter at the Werkstätten:Messe
hybr.id_space Nuremberg

"The team and the technology are unique," praised Ilka Groenewold, moderator of the Werkstätten:Messe.

Interactive gadgets such as virtual or mixed reality (VR/MR) are more than just gimmicks. They enable the organizer to digitally integrate content and control it himself via tablet. At the same time, tools such as chats, polls, quizzes or social walls actively involve participants.

"The mountain comes to the prophet"

In the meantime, Holtmann is already taking the next step. "We are becoming mobile, coming to the customer on request with technology and personnel, according to the motto of the mountain comes to the prophet." The implementation is carried out according to the same standards as in the studios, and is also adapted to the customer's wishes if necessary.

hybr.id_space Nuremberg

In the meantime, Holtmann already offers a mobile version of the hybr.id_space.

In any case, the participants of the Werkstätten:Messe were enthusiastic about the hybr.id_space. 96 percent were satisfied with the interaction possibilities of the digital event. The around 4,000 registered participants sent over 17,000 chat messages and launched around 800 video calls. Christian Schadinger from noris inklusion is already thinking about the future: "Even though I'm very much looking forward to face-to-face encounters at future trade fairs, thought should be given to flanking digital offerings or hybrid event forms."

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