Messe.Stadt.Nürnberg. The long exhibition tradition and the 50th anniversary of NürnbergMesse

“From 0 to 100, from a regional exhibition startup in 1974 to a global player with an established position among the top 15 exhibition companies worldwide!” That’s how Peter Ottmann, CEO NürnbergMesse Group, summarizes the success story of the past 50 years and the development of the company’s own exhibition portfolio, which now extends to more than 100 in-house and partner events in 12 countries.  A “Spirit to Grow” – ideas, partnerships and the joy of creating meeting points and platforms for industries of all kinds support and encourage the development of Nuremberg as a major site for trade fairs and its national and international subsidiaries.

50 years of NürnbergMesse. That's 50 years of success that we can look back on, authentically accompanied by contemporary witnesses. The tradition of Nuremberg as a market and trading city can also be traced back to its roots in the Middle Ages.

We have grown not only through success, but also through major challenges. Spatially, economically, but above all humanly. Always with the "spirit to grow" at heart.

Trade fairs were and are people's business. That's why we always focus on people. In addition to NürnbergMesse employees, exhibitors and visitors, there are also the people of Nuremberg, five of whom told us their stories and confirmed the lasting impact of Messe.Stadt.Nürnberg.