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NürnbergMesse CEOs Peter Ottmann and Dr Roland Fleck with the new partners Christoph Bünnemeyer, Axians Networks & Solutions GmbH; Elisabeth Berg, Aruba, and Johannes Bisping, bisping & bisping

Technological quantum leak: CEOs Peter Ottmann (l.) and Dr Roland Fleck (r.) with the new partners Christoph Bünnemeyer, Axians Networks & Solutions GmbH; Elisabeth Berg, Aruba, and Johannes Bisping, bisping & bisping (from left)

Press Release NürnbergMesse

NürnbergMesse makes technological quantum leap

27. March 2019
  • In future, customers of Exhibition Centre Nuremberg will benefit from one of the most efficient network infrastructures in Germany
  • New partnership with Axians and bisping & bisping
  • Successful performance tests at major trade fairs and the German government’s Digital Summit

NürnbergMesse is investing heavily in digital infrastructure and creating a future-proof LAN and WLAN network that will benefit its customers above all. In doing so the Bavarian exhibition company is completely restructuring its technological framework and digital services for internet, telecommunications and WLAN. “The new IT infrastructure is an important milestone in the digital transformation of NürnbergMesse. Our customers will benefit from higher speeds, stability and security when using the internet,” says Peter Ottmann, CEO NürnbergMesse Group. “This is just as important for major IT fairs like it-sa, embedded world and SPS as it is for congresses like the recent German Government Digital Summit. In the next five years, we are investing EUR 10 million in the digitalisation of the exhibition grounds to create one of the most efficient exhibition venues in Germany in respect of digital infrastructure,” stresses Ottmann’s co-CEO Dr Roland Fleck.

Internet use at trade fairs and congresses is constantly increasing. During events, exhibitors are connected directly with their company headquarters via broadband and can access data from their company’s network. In addition, data usage via laptops, tablets and smartphones is also on the rise. The expansion of the ICT infrastructure at the exhibition centre is therefore one of the three central pillars of NürnbergMesse’s digitalisation strategy – alongside the development of new digital customer services and the digitisation of its business processes.

Internet connection requirements grow

As an initial step, NürnbergMesse has been renewing the entire network cabling to provide coverage to exhibitors in all 16 exhibition halls and three convention centres (NCC Ost, Mitte and West) since spring 2018. The modern ICT infrastructure now allows a data speed of up to 40 Gbit/s. Secondly, NürnbergMesse has now found two highly capable and innovative partners in the shape of Axians Networks & Solutions GmbH (Frankfurt am Main) and bisping & bisping GmbH & Co. KG (Lauf a. d. Pegnitz/Nuremberg), which started setting up the new ICT system early in 2019 using components from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. This work involves the backbone network on the exhibition grounds and the complete renewal of the WLAN coverage. The expansion of the infrastructure in the exhibition centre through the tripling of WLAN access points results in a significant improvement in performance while offering a higher user density than before. For example, with the new infrastructure and a new 20 Gbit/s fibre optic connection to NürnbergMesse, up to 1 Gbit/s per WLAN and up to 10 Gbit/s per LAN can be provided to exhibitors and visitors as standard. This means that NürnbergMesse has well and truly arrived in the “Gigabit Society” and as such assumes a leading position among exhibition companies in Germany.

Performance proven at “Digital Summit”

NürnbergMesse passed the first acid test for the new system at the German government’s Digital Summit, during which a data volume of around 1.4 terabytes was successfully transferred for the “Who’s Who” of the digital transformation. When choosing its new partners for this venture, NürnbergMesse focused on service orientation and sustainability. This is based on the modular service concept developed by NürnbergMesse, which requires both adherence to high security standards and the permanent provision of service packages for customers. In the WLAN environment, Axians and bisping & bisping will in future be offering entirely new applications for the trade fair landscape. “We were particularly impressed by the holistic, future-driven solution of our partners Axians, bisping & bisping and Aruba”. To operate the new ICT services, bisping & bisping will have a permanent presence at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, with its own offices and service team, from 1 July 2019.

About Axians Networks & Solutions

Axians Networks & Solutions specialises in the establishment of complex LAN and WAN infrastructures for carrier and enterprise clients. The range of products and consultancy services provided by this vendor-neutral system integrator spans solutions for broadband, fibre optic networks, collaboration, mobility & wireless, data centres and managed & maintenance services. As a partner and service provider, Axians Networks & Solutions develops customer-specific ICT designs that enable customers to master the digital transformation. With its workforce of around 180, the network specialist in Cologne and nine other locations throughout Germany support around 900 clients. The company is part of Axians, the global brand of VINCI Energies for ICT solutions.

About bisping & bisping GmbH & Co. KG

As an ICT company that operates throughout Germany and the rest of Europe, bisping & bisping is an innovative partner for mid-sized enterprises, global corporations and public establishments such as the City of Nuremberg, Playmobil, Kneipp and 1.FC Nuremberg football club. For more than 29 years, bisping & bisping has been developing services and solutions for internet and carrier services, communications and software solutions. The company is particularly involved in providing fibre optic and broadband solutions for private and business clients and is creating an important basis for the digital transformation through its infrastructure and services.

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