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Rolf Nikel welcomes Hubert Aiwanger in Warsaw

Rolf Nikel, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Poland, welcomes Bavarian Minister of Commerce Hubert Aiwanger in Warsaw.

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NürnbergMesse has appeal for Polish business

7. June 2019
  • Delegation travels to Poland with Bavarian Minister of Commerce Hubert Aiwanger and NürnbergMesse CEO Dr Roland Fleck
  • Nuremberg, the trade show centre: Attendance by Polish exhibitors and visitors doubles
  • Close ties between Warsaw and Nuremberg: International representative of NürnbergMesse and daily direct flights

Over the last ten years, Poland has developed more dynamically than any other economy in the European Union. Germany is its most important trading partner by far, and bilateral trade volume with Bavaria has risen nearly 60 per cent since Poland joined the EU in 2004. Over 2,500 Bavarian companies maintain business relations with Poland. For Bavarian Commerce Minister Hubert Aiwanger, the current trip by a delegation to Poland offers numerous advantages. “The trip’s objective is to strengthen Bavarian-Polish business connections still further and to tap new fields for cooperation.” The programme included visits to companies in Gdansk, Warsaw and Wrocław to discuss networked technologies – a field that CEO Dr Roland Fleck believes NürnbergMesse is extremely well positioned for: “Our trade events on digitalization and Industry 4.0 offer outstanding platforms for Polish companies that would like to tap the German and European market.”

Poland and Germany are more networked together commercially than ever before. Poland sends over 28 per cent of its exports to Germany, and brings in about 23 per cent of its imports from its western neighbour. Bilateral trade volume between Poland and Bavaria in 2017 came to EUR 17.9 billion. And the trend also benefits NürnbergMesse: the exhibition company counted 13,487 industry professionals and 445 exhibitors from Poland in 2018 – the first figure was almost twice the previous year’s count, while the second was two and a half times more than before. These figures raised Poland to 5th and 9th places among international participants at Nuremberg trade events.

In light of Poland’s strong economy, Dr Roland Fleck foresees further potential for attendance by Polish companies at Nuremberg’s trade shows: “Our portfolio of events offers very intriguing market opportunities. Nuremberg is centrally located in Europe and easily accessible by direct flights from Warsaw. And our exhibition centre offers an excellent infrastructure,” says the NürnbergMesse CEO in praise of the city’s advantages for companies from Poland. Events at the Nuremberg exhibition centre reflect the most vital topics of digitalization and Industry 4.0 with it-sa, Europe’s largest IT security exhibition in terms of exhibitors; embedded world, the world’s leading trade fair and conference for embedded systems; and SPS, the leading event for industrial automation.

The right industry meeting points for Polish business

Other events that highlight Processing + Packaging and Building + Construction as topics offer the right platforms for Polish companies from the country’s traditionally strong sectors: construction, commerce, industry and logistics. For example, the exhibition combination of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE and HOLZ-HANDWERK, with more than 2,500 Polish industry experts visiting, is by far the most popular event; but quadruple-digit numbers of Polish visitors also attend the Spielwarenmesse, IWA OutdoorClassics, BIOFACH/VIVANESS and Interzoo. Among exhibitors, the Spielwarenmesse, FENSTERBAU FRONTALE and Interzoo led the field in 2018, each with about 60 Polish companies.

Via Nuremberg to the world market

NürnbergMesse provides in-country support for Polish companies interested in participating in events in Nuremberg. Meritum SC in Warsaw has been assisting exhibitors and visitors for 18 years as an international representative of NürnbergMesse. “We offer Polish companies assistance with everything from planning an exhibition appearance to logistics and booth construction,” says Anna Talarek-Karczmarz, Director of Meritum SC. The Polish office is part of a worldwide network of more than 50 representatives that assist exhibitors in 117 countries.

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