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Prof. Heinrich Wiedemann, Leiter der Studienzentren München und Nürnberg der Campus M University, Dr. Roland Fleck, CEO NürnbergMesse Group, und Prof. Dr. Ludwig Hilmer, Rektor der Hochschule Mittweida (v.l.)

Prof. Heinrich Wiedemann, Head of the Munich and Nuremberg study centres of Campus M University, Dr. Roland Fleck, CEO NürnbergMesse Group, and Prof. Dr. Ludwig Hilmer, Rector of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (from left), agree on the premium partnership between NürnbergMesse and Campus M University.

Press Release NürnbergMesse

Managing knowledge: NürnbergMesse to be a premium partner of Campus M University

20. October 2020

Together into the future: as the winter semester begins at Campus M University in Nuremberg (formerly Campus M21), NürnbergMesse is expanding its existing cooperative arrangement with the institution still further. From now on, the exhibition company will support Campus M University, the mobile studies branch of Hochschule Mittweida university of applied science, as a premium partner with a variety of lecturers. “Passing along knowledge from the trade show business, while at the same time maintaining a dialogue with the ‘digital native’ generation – that’s what makes this cooperation so valuable to NürnbergMesse”, says NürnbergMesse CEO Dr Roland Fleck, who founded the cooperative programme and serves as a lecturer at Campus M University himself.

In addition to a course of study in Business Management, with emphases in Sports, Marketing & Brands, Mobility & Future Living, and Events, Campus M University has two new emphases: Media & Entertainment, and Global Communication.

The two cooperating partners will work closely together to launch the Bachelor’s programme in Global Communication. One of their main focuses will be on holding a practical seminar at NürnbergMesse’s Exhibition Center, as an incentive for the best students. The aim is to communicate the professional knowledge the students need to become future bridge-builders between countries and cultures. Prof. Heinrich Wiedemann, head of the Munich and Nuremberg Study Centres of Campus M University, expects that cooperating with NürnbergMesse Group, which has subsidiaries in places like Shanghai, New Delhi and São Paulo, will provide valuable knowledge from practical experience. “NürnbergMesse’s expertise in international management and intercultural dialogue offers terrific potential for adding an experiential dimension to the academic content of the courses in Global Management Managing knowledge: NürnbergMesse to be a premium partner of Campus M University Nuremberg, 16. October 2020 2/3 and Communication, through joint practical and research projects as well as internships. That represents clear value added in the curriculum.”

Campus M University and NürnbergMesse have been cooperating since 2012, and have already conducted several successful projects together. For instance, students have joined NürnbergMesse to study the use of digital trade show applications, to work on concepts for developing digital platforms, and to support the launch of new event formats. That lets the students benefit from the professional knowledge of NürnbergMesse’s experts, who also serve as lecturers at various instructional events. The exhibition company, which has repeatedly provided internship openings for Campus M University and thus enables students to gain valuable insight into the trade show business, has also participated in the university’s Career Day. NürnbergMesse CEO Peter Ottmann, Dr Fleck’s colleague whose responsibilities include personnel at the events company, feels the firm enjoys clear advantages from cooperating. “NürnbergMesse benefits from the students’ creative ideas, and from networking with the entrepreneurial talents and managers of tomorrow. For instance, alumni from our university partner are already working at NürnbergMesse in event management and personnel management.”


Statement Dr. Roland Fleck, Geschäftsführer der NürnbergMesse GmbH 
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Statement Prof. Dr. Ludwig Hilmer, Rektor der Hochschule Mittweida 
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About Campus M University

Campus M University is a mobile studies programme organised by Hochschule Mittweida, a university of applied science with study centres in Nuremberg, Munich and Barcelona. Additional study centres are in the works. The institution offers Bachelor’s degree programmes in Business Management, Global Communication and Media & Entertainment, as well as two Master’s programmes. A combination of personal study, encouragement for individual talent, a modern learning platform and a semester abroad ensures that students get the right academic training. Practical projects with exclusive partners like adidas, BMW, Microsoft and NürnbergMesse enable students to work on building their futures. “Campus M University, as a mobile studies programme from Hochschule Mittweida, combines the advantages of two worlds. Besides highly practical study on location, students benefit from innovative online learning platforms that enable them to study anytime, anywhere,” says the university’s Rector, Prof. Dr Ludwig Hilmer.

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