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Disinfection is an important component of the new hygiene concept of NürnbergMesse to protect exhibitors, visitors and employees.

Disinfection is an important component of the new hygiene concept of NürnbergMesse to protect exhibitors, visitors and employees.

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NürnbergMesse: Restart – Safely!

17. July 2020
  • Premium Standard: NürnbergMesse offers sophisticated hygiene concept to protect exhibitors, visitors and employees
  • Smart and sophisticated: Digital Services supplement conventional steps against coronavirus

“Safety first”: Based on the Bavarian State Government’s protective hygiene regulations, which were developed with significant participation from the experts at NürnbergMesse, the exhibition company has now presented a Premium Standard focusing on hygiene and safety at the Nuremberg exhibition centre. “The safety and protection of our exhibitors, visitors and employees is an absolute priority for us. Our new hygiene concept takes effective steps against the further spread of the coronavirus,” says NürnbergMesse Group CEO Peter Ottmann. And his fellow CEO Dr Roland Fleck adds, “Our new Premium Standard for our venue will be the foundation for a safe, successful restart of the trade show business at the Nuremberg site, and will be adapted to the individual events’ requirements as needed”.

Under the “Safe together” slogan, for example, the concept bunches together the important rules of hygiene, such as social distancing, sneeze etiquette, carefully washing hands, and wearing a mask to cover one’s mouth and nose. Ultramodern ventilation systems ensure a continuous resupply of clean air. Sanitary facilities, as well as surfaces that are regularly touched, like desks, handrails and door handles, undergo additional cleaning and disinfection at even more frequent intervals. Trade show attendees can also rely on a very extensive network of disinfectant dispensers throughout the venue. “Our hygiene and safety concept includes both prevention and protection – providing gapless information to attendees, along with steps and services to keep the virus from spreading, so as to offer the best possible protection for our guests,” says Heinz Priessmann, Head of Event Logistics and Security Management.

Recruiting digital services against the virus

To minimize points of contact, and thus the possibility of contagion, NürnbergMesse is also using a variety of services, some of them digital, which it calls “Services for safety”. These include a digital way-finding system that uses instructions on monitors to guide flows of visitors, and thus helps maintain social distancing. Completely cashless payments are accepted in all areas of the exhibition centre, including for food service and at kiosks. Ticket sales too will be handled solely online, and tickets available on mobile devices will ensure contactless access to the exhibition centre. As it already did before the pandemic, NürnbergMesse ensures availability of very high-quality medical care. The health service is always on hand during events – in the setup period, throughout the event proper, and during teardown. Thus, both company CEOs are certain, “We’re offering premium standards of hygiene and safety here in Nuremberg. That added value will enable exhibitors and visitors at our events to feel safe all round, and to concentrate on what they’re here for: to do good business. That has never been as important as it is today,” say Ottmann and Fleck.

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