Campus M21

Growing together

Sparking fresh ideas in a dialogue between knowledge and experience at an established exhibition company – that’s NürnbergMesse’s collaborative project with Campus M University.

Students and exhibition experts worked together on digital trade fair applications and concepts for digital platforms. One of those projects was headed by Dr Matthias Merkel from NürnbergMesse. He sees multiple advantages: “Exchanging ways of looking at things, sharing knowledge, and revealing career paths.” 

Lea Trottmann

»Putting study content into practice under real conditions is the great added value for me! In the project with NürnbergMesse, I learned what matters in practice.«

Lea Trottmann

Student of Business and Advertising Psychology at Campus M University

Dr. Matthias Merkel

»Getting to know new perspectives of the talents and sharing knowledge from practice - for me a clear win-win situation.«

Dr. Matthias Merkel

Head of M&A/International Business Development, NürnbergMesse

Advantages at a glance

Expert knowledge

Experts from NürnbergMesse as lecturers at Campus M University

Exchange of experience

Experiences from international practice in the "Global Communication" degree programme

Bonus for the best

A practical seminar at NürnbergMesse

Learning from each other

As a premium partner, NürnbergMesse also provides Campus M University with teaching staff in various specialties and offers internships at the company. For students, it is a valuable leg up into a career. And the practical connection will also benefit the new course of studies in Global Communication, where the exhibition company’s international specialists will share the experi-ence they have acquired at subsidiaries abroad.

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